Starting Spring 2019

Join us for our LA Food events 

What you need to do.

  •  Follow us on Twitter @manifestcalling for location announcements.
  •  Download one of our songs from GooglePlay, Amazon or Itunes and announce: "I've downloaded a song by @manifestcalling." on Twitter. We'll share it.
  • Join us for lunch. It'll be on us. **

** = Food events
will be spread out across central Los Angeles and will be announced 2 weeks in advance. Our food events will be held on Sundays and are for promotional purposes, to include cooking demonstrations and tastings by
Qualified chef Greg O'Kane, guitarist singer/songwriter for Manifest Calling.  All who follow us on twitter and download one of our songs are welcome to join us at no additional cost to spend a Sunday afternoon eating good food and listening to good music.

So, make it happen. 



See more food demos and photos by following my food page on instagram