Manifest: Clear or obvious to the eye or mind.
Calling: A strong urge to a way of life or career.


​​The name Manifest Calling is ironic insofar as a loose interpretation of the name suggests something that is desirous and clear or obvious to the mind. Greg O’Kane, singer, guitarist & songwriter for Manifest Calling, the band, is also a certified golf professional and an internationally trained & experienced professional chef. Early in his life, he couldn’t decide which career path he wanted to follow, so he ended up doing all 3. His Manifest Calling.

Greg’s partner in Manifest Calling is lifelong friend Tony Wilson, bass player & songwriter in the band and a kindred spirit on their journey through life and beyond. At the time when they met in the parking lot of a music studio in Hollywood, Ca. Tony was playing bass for another band named Last Rites that Greg soon started to roadie for. From that first chance encounter in 1977 Greg & Tony have maintained a very close relationship and consider themselves brothers in every sense but the obvious genetic one. Greg moved to Ireland in 1980 while Tony remained in Los Angeles, but both knew that one day they’d be collaborating musically.  Since the formation of the band in 2015,  as  well as releasing  their own music, they have recorded & released 3 tracks from the Last Rites repertoire.  More is to come.

The importance of their relationship also manifested itself in the aftermath of Greg’s life in Ireland, which came with distinct challenges. While coming to terms with the circumstances that forced Greg to live in Ireland much longer than he ever intended to, it was Tony who provided the counselling & support that prevented Greg from falling into an abyss of despair, heartbreak and God only knows what else. The value of Tony Wilson’s influence in Greg’s life at that pivotal moment enabled Greg to see once again the promise of a future that he felt had passed him by.

Graced by this second chance at living a life he was prevented from living before, Greg with Tony and through Manifest Calling, have set out to be an example to those who feel life had conspired against them and had passed them by. Through giving & imparting what they feel is truly important to them, they share their belief that there is a divine destiny for all who refuse to give up on life, to never ignore their inherent talents in order to meet their Manifest Calling.

Other Projects:

Occasionally we host street food events cooking quality food that is on par with any restaurant. In part, the events operate via donations to ensure we maintain our efforts to insure no one goes without a meal. There is an abundance of food and no one should go without a meal.  Follow us on                           for location announcements and                   for menu items.  With California permitting food vendor licenses, street food is a growth industry. 

  • Tony is the  creator & co-producer of  the YouTube  channel: The Supernatural & Beyond.

  • We operate  A social networking market place for all things golf.