Cooking, guitar & golf are my three passions. Never focusing on just one, I was first a cook, then a golf pro whose life-long alter ego lived as an unshaven guitar hero.

After growing up in LA, I moved to Ireland which ending up being home for 30 years. While busking in the streets & local pubs of Dublin as a young man for money and or beer, I began working in kitchens beginning at the lowly position of graveyard porter while attending culinary school. The following years saw me hold positions ranging from Line cook to Executive Chef to General Manager.

As a 12 year old golf protégé, I gravitated towards the gin players who regularly gathered after their morning rounds to shoot the shit, smoke cigars and gamble. I didn't get serious about golf until I turned 21.

I cooked to support myself but lived every other second on the golf course. Golf is a special game that has captured my imagination since I was a young boy. I wanted to be a pro, that's all I thought of all day until I became one.  I love the game. 

Though I have a love and flair for the culinary arts and cooking, the reality is that as my culinary career progressed I longed to spend my days outdoors. The low wages, late hours, hard drinking & fickle customers that working as a chef offered was taking a toll on my quality of life. I was fortunate however to work with great chefs at highly regarded establishments the world over throughout my career. As a result, my cooking fundamentals are sound. 

One question I pondered throughout my adult life though is how my calling would manifest itself. One couldn't be a golf pro and a chef while playing in a working band at the same time. 

27 countries, thousands of live gigs, 14 recorded songs and 2 careers later, my Manifest Calling has been clear all along.

Manifest: Clear or obvious to the eye or mind.
Calling: A strong urge to a way of life or career.